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Food, Gastronomy and Tourism: Social and Cultural Perspectives 

The 44th international conference of the International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF) 

F. Xavier Medina, Jordi Tresserras (coord.

In association with the UNESCO Chair on Food, Culture and Development, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), the Laboratori de Patrimoni, Creativitat i Turisme Cultural (LABPACT), University of Barcelona/Ibertur. In collaboration with the Tossa de Mar City Council, TossaLab, and the Chair on Culture, Gastronomy ant Tourism Calonge-Sant Antoni-University of Girona 

Tossa de Mar (Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain) 

May 25th-27th, 2017 

Espai Francesc Colomer 

Av. Pelegrí, 25, 

Tossa de Mar 


Gastronomy (including wine, but also other strongly cultural beverages) has received some attention as a touristic subject; however, there is little recent scholarship by anthropologists and other human scientists that deals with the topic of food and gastronomy, wine (and other beverages) and tourism. This may come as a surprise given the cultural and economic importance of the touristic uses of gastronomy in much of the world today. Likewise, contemporary social and economic global conditions have promoted the emergence of and set in motion new ways of experiencing tourism and gastronomy. This phenomenon has restructured the sense of community, power relations and the commodification of culinary identities in the places where it is occurring. Nonetheless, Tourism Studies have generally approached the subject of gastronomy while often leaving out the cultural and social aspects of this important economic and commercial issue. While the Anthropology of Food has become an important topic, the relationship between tourism and gastronomy has largely remained peripheral. 


The goal of this call for papers is to bring together current, mainly anthropological, but also interdisciplinary perspectives on tourism and gastronomy (including wine and other beverages), strongly linked to the local territories, and to create a useful space for the analysis and discussion of gastronomies and tourisms within the body of the social, cultural, political, geographical or socioeconomic perspectives on food, investigating and informing discussions from the relationship between gastronomy and tourism to the sensory experiences in the field. With this call we seek also to illuminate with critical perspectives, how the implied social actors react to and face new global orders that configure the relationship between these two activities. To date, there has been limited critical investigation into the character, depth and breadth of this phenomenon and the opportunities that are emerging in the context of “glocalization”. This call hopes to provide this platform, and in doing so, will provide both theoretical and practical insights into the future of food and tourism. 


This call for papers requests theoretical, conceptual and applied papers. Issues that may be explored in paper submissions may include (possible but not exhaustive): 

- Cultural concepts on tourism and their relationship with the concepts of gastronomy, terroir, locality, etc., 

- Sensory perceptions and tasting experiences linked to tourism, 

- Changing relationships between territories, food and visitors, 

- Profiles of the gastronomic and wine tourists, 

- Social and economic development of local territories through tourism and gastronomy, 

- Tourism, gastronomy, sustainability and local development, 

- Critical perspectives on emerging tourisms and gastronomies: routes, itineraries and artifacts, 

- Becoming a gastronomic tourism attraction: processes, negotiations and the construction of a sense of place, 

- Restaurants as touristic agents, 

- The tourism business, gastronomy and wine (emerging markets, consumers education and communication, innovation), 

- Gastronomy as a touristic souvenir, 

- Food Museums and community involvement 

- Wine and wine culture, and other local beverages as a touristic attraction, 

- Spatial and geographical perspectives on tourism and gastronomies, 

- Stakeholders roles and implications in the promotion of gastronomies and tourism, 

- Policies of food and tourism, 

- Collaborative economy, gastronomies and tourism. 

Information needed: full name, Institution and your role or position, town and country, the title of the proposed paper, and an abstract of between 150 and 200 words. Please email this information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The deadline for receiving applications is: May 10th, 2017.

 Note that the language of the conference will be English.