A new ICAF book BIRDS AS FOOD: Anthropological and cross-disciplinary perspectives is now published online at:

This is ICAF's first book in a new series, entitled the 'ICAF Alimenta Populorum' series. The ISBN is 978-0-9500513-0-7.

It has been published in an electronic format for several reasons: it is easy to read on any computer, has over a hundred full-colour photos and is free to access and download.   It is in a simple pdf format, with a large enough font so that it is readable on a small tablet or smart phone. Take a look - we hope you enjoy it.


The 44th ICAF conference was held in Tossa de Mar, Catalonia, Spain, in May 2017. The topic was Food, Gastronomy and Tourism: Social and Cultural Perspectives. Papers were presented from scholars from several disciplines, as well as from practitioners working in the food and tourism sectors. Several common themes emerged from the  conference, with a lot of cross-fertilisation of ideas between participants. The beautiful setting of Tossa de Mar with wonderful Catalan cuisine ensured that it was a very enjoyable gathering for all concerned. Many thanks are due to the organisers.  

ICAF christmas recipes from Europe

The wonderful collection of christmas recipes from all over Europe, collected from ICAF members and edited by Helen Macbeth

Obituary for Mary Douglas

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Mary Douglas in the framework of the International Commission for the Anthropology of Food (ICAF) since 1978, but our paths first crossed much earlier, in 1962 when she was a member of the International African Institute. She evaluated my work on the Massa of Cameroon.

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Recent ICAF Conferences

2017: Food, Gastronomy and Tourism: Social and Cultural Perspectives. Tossa de Mar, Catalonia, Spain

2016: Food and Sustainability: 21st Century Perspectives. University of Liverpool, UK.

2015: Pure Food. Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Delmenhorst, Germany.

2014: Food, the Internet and Social Media. Montanchez, Spain.

2013: Food and Art. Kamilari, Crete

2013: Co-evolution of Humans and Their Foods: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives. University of Manchester, UK

2013: Alimentary Responses to the Economic Crisis. Cazalla de la Sierra, Andalucia, Spain.

2012: Food and Love: Cross-disciplinary perspectives. Daroca, Aragon, Spain.

2012: Birds as Food: cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary aspects. Sopron, Hungary.

2011: Food in Zones of Conflict. University of Leiden, Netherlands. 

2010: Food in Zones of Conflict Symposium, Oxford Brookes University, UK

2009: Fish and Seafood, Anthropological and Nutritional Aspects, Kamilari, Crete

2008: Contribution of Biodiversity to Food and Nutrition, Paris, France

2007: Food and Rites of Passage, Barsana, Romania