In 2013, ICAF had two international ICAF conferences and a one-day panel at the IUAES Congress in Manchester.


 Food and Art

Held 2nd to 6th June, 2013 in Kamilari, Crete

Nikos Xirotiris, Antonia Matalas and Kali Simitopoulou co-organised this meeting with the Cultural Association of Kamilari.  It was a pleasure to return to Kamilari, a small village in the south of Crete.  Papers were presented on a diversity of subjects from antiquity to modern, from local to international, on inedible art depicting food and on the edible art of food decoration.  There was a delightful party put on by the Kamilari villagers of their local foods, and there were guided tours of the Minoan site of Phaestos and of the archaeological site of Gortys.





 Co-evolution of Humans and Their Foods: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives


A one-day panel at the IUAES Congress, Manchester, 6th August, 2013

Co-convenors:  Helen Macbeth and David Lubell


Throughout their evolution, humans and their ancestors have not only survived and adapted to changes in their natal environments but have migrated, often rapidly and over long distances, requiring them to adapt to and find food in a wide variety of new and different environments.  That adaptation has not only been molecular, physiological and anthropometric, but also imaginative, technological and cultural.  


The general timetable was that imposed by the structure of the congress, and we had ten papers in the three sessions allowed.  There were interesting papers, but without sufficient cohesion for a publication.  The programme and abstracts were shown on the IUAES website. 



 Alimentary Responses to the Economic Crisis

(Respuestas alimentarias a la Crisis Economica)

Held in Cazalla de la Sierra, Andalucia, Spain, 1st-4th October 2013, supported by the University of Sevilla, the Town Council of Cazalla de la Sierra and AECAC (Association of Producers of Cazalla de la Sierra).


The conference was in three languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese, and was well attended by participants from Europe and Latin America (link to abstracts will follow).  The programme can be found at http://www.comunicacion.us.es/node/10401/.  Also, the papers have been published as the first ICAF E-Book entitled: Respuestas Alimentarias a la Crisis Econ├│mica, edited by Isabel Gonz├ílez Turmo. For more information on the book, please see the following link: http://icafood.eu/index.php/news